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Greek Nachos with Seasoned Lamb, Feta, & Tzatziki Sauce

Greek Nachos with Seasoned Lamb, Feta, & Tzatziki Sauce

Traditional nachos are great to nosh on during football parties and as the Super Bowl approaches, you might want to take that mound of chips to another level with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, and Monterey Jack cheese or fried chicken and pimento cheese sauce. Alternatively, you can try this Mediterranean-inspired iteration for Greek Nachos with Seasoned Lamb, Feta, Tzatziki Sauce, and Marinated Tomatoes. It mimics the traditional recipe with crumbled meat, melted cheeses, a creamy and cooling topper, and a refreshing salsa fresca for moisture and acidity.

1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon olive oil, divided
¾ pound ground lamb
1 teaspoon minced garlic, divided
½ teaspoon salt, divided
½ teaspoon black pepper, divided
1¼ teaspoon minced fresh oregano, divided
¼ teaspoon dried rosemary
⅛ teaspoon ground fennel
3 plum tomatoes, seeded and cut into small dice
1 tablespoons minced red onion
1 tablespoon minced parsley
7 ounces full fat Greek yogurt
¾ cup shredded English cucumber, excess liquid removed by squeezing the shreds in several layers of paper towels
⅛ teaspoon lemon zest
1 bag tortilla chips
1 (2 ounce) can sliced black olives, drained
3 cups (8 ounces) shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1 cup crumbled feta cheese

In a large saute pan, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the ground lamb and cook until brown, breaking up large chunks with the back of wooden spoon. Season the cooked lamb with ½ teaspoon minced garlic, ¼ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon minced oregano, dried rosemary, and ground fennel; stir to combine. Remove the lamb from the heat and set aside.

In a medium bowl, combine the diced tomatoes, 1 teaspoon olive oil, minced red onion, parsley, ¼ teaspoon minced garlic, ⅛ teaspoon salt, ⅛ teaspoon black pepper, and ¼ teaspoon minced oregano.

In another bowl, stir together the Greek yogurt, ¼ teaspoon minced garlic, ⅛ teaspoon salt, ⅛ teaspoon black pepper, and lemon zest.

Preheat a broiler. On a large, ovenproof platter, spread one-third of the tortilla chips into a single layer. Sprinkle with one-third of each: ground lamb mixture, sliced black olives, Monterey Jack cheese, and feta. Repeat the layering process of chips, lamb mixture, black olives, and cheeses two more times.

Place the platter of nachos 10 to 12 inches from the broiler and cook until the cheese melts and the chips begin to brown. Turn off the broiler and close the oven door. Allow the nachos to rest in the warm oven to melt the cheese throughout the layers. Top the nachos with the marinated tomatoes and tzatziki sauce; serve warm.

Article originally published at on January 30, 2018.